阿嬷 & 阿公

        "四点了", as he penguin-walks downstairs, pushing an empty wheelchair. Even though I think he needs it more than she does.

        "我去等阿嬷", but the community bus doesn't drop her off till 4:30pm.

        "我接她回家" - I'll bring her home.

        Hello there! I'm Jach.

        I like the simple things in life. Soft-boiled eggs and kaya toast for breakfast at the neighbourhood kopitiam. Nurturing a herb garden. Heartfelt late-night conversations with loved ones.
        Affordable buffet dinners. Petting dogs.

        Crying at weddings. Filming weddings.

        I started out in the videography & photography “industry” – being an assistant (coolie), carrying gear and buying kopi for my bosses. That was not so long ago, in 2014. I was at the ripe age of 21. I took on my first wedding assignment in September that same year, tackling a lunch wedding, with a same-day-edit (some call it suicide). Thankfully, I emerged from that experience still breathing. It awakened a fervour, deep within me – and I’ve never stopped filming weddings since. I pride myself on picking up the craft from the ground up, gathering little bits of information and experiences from various sources and piecing it together into this smorgasbord (I love food) that has become Treehouse Weddings.

        Fast forward to present day, I don’t have the luxury of assistants to help carry my gear and buy coffee for me. However, having groomsmen offering their muscles, plus, the nicest ahmas and aunties constantly directing me to the buffet table, that’s more than I could ever ask for. Gathering little fleeting moments of your wedding day, creating this amazing kaleidoscope of genuine emotions – to share with friends, family and generations to come. I get to dive into your world – your childhood, your youth, your family, your friendships, your love. I share your nerves, your laughter, your tears, your joy – your biggest day. If you’d ask me, that’s more than an honour.

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