“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”

        -Helen Keller

        I love travelling and gathering new experiences. It’s a pity that on many of my trips, I’ve not had the luxury of having a couple to shoot with. Many beautiful scenes seem empty – so come join me!

        These are some of the destinations I’ve been to, and are familiar with. Click through to take a look at the research I’ve done, and drop me a message if you’re interested!

        On the
        Bucket List

        Cape Town
        North Korea

        The Holy Land. 'nuff said.

        - Explore the vibrant Cape Flats
        - Hike up Table Mountain
        - Jump out of the skies and Paraglide!

        I've always had an obsession with this hermit kingdom. Taking engagement photos in DPRK are entirely unheard of, let me know if you're crazy enough to be up for this.

        Hauntingly beautiful. Or does Pripyat's beauty radiate? Sorry, bad joke.

        Have you seen how furry the Mongolian Yaks are?!

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