A Quick Guide to Live-streaming Your Wedding for Friends and Family during Covid-19 (for free!)

        Covid-19 has affected so many ways we live, work, and play. It’s no surprise that this pandemic has also changed how we hold weddings too. Live-streaming your wedding for your friends and family is the way to go this wedding season.

        Chances are you’re here because you’ve originally had a wedding planned for the year. But 2020 was just not happening. You’ve shuffled to read through new health & safety guidelines and updates timely. Finally, you’ve decided to hold a smaller, intimate micro-wedding instead. After all, it’s your marriage to your special one that matters, not so much the wedding.

        If this is you, I am truly sorry, and wish things were otherwise. However, there are still ways you can share your wedding day with your guests during Covid-19.

        Here is your quick and easy guide on how to live-stream your wedding.

        Should You Live-stream Your Wedding?
        Things You Need to Live-stream Your Wedding
        How to Live-stream Your Own Wedding
        Additional Equipment for a More Elaborate Live-stream Set Up

        Should You Live-stream Your Wedding?

        Live-streaming your wedding is the simplest and cheapest way to include guests that are unable to attend your wedding day. With the outbreak of Covid-19, more couples tying the knot are also hosting virtual weddings for their guests to still be a part of their special day.

        The great thing about live-streaming your wedding is that it’s completely free to do so! You will need a few things but there’s a likely chance you already own them. This guide lists all the things that you will need to live-stream your own wedding.

        Alternatively, if you’d like to avoid the hassle of setting up and hosting your virtual wedding for your guests, we offer live-streaming packages for couples as well.

        Things You Need to Live-stream Your Wedding

        These are 5 things you will need for the most basic live-stream set up:

        1. A phone with camera access
        2. Data access or wireless internet connection (you may wish to check with your venue about this)
        3. A tripod or a phone mount for stability
        4. A live-streaming service account, such as Zoom or Facebook Live
        5. A portable charger for your phone (live-streaming drains your phone battery quite quickly!)

        How to Live-stream Your Wedding

        Now that you’ve got your 5 items you will need for a basic live-stream set up, let’s get started.

        • Check you’ve all 5 items: a phone with camera access, internet access, a tripod, a Zoom or Facebook account, and a portable charger for your phone
        • Set up a Zoom Room or a Facebook group of guests that you will be e-inviting before the ceremony
        • Designate someone to manage the live-stream on your behalf, as you may have to tilt or shift the camera during the ceremony
        • Place your set up close to the ceremony, but be careful not to obstruct the views of guests that are attending in-person
        • Prior to the start of the ceremony, test your connection and check your video and audio quality
        • Go live 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony, as this will allow some time for your live-stream guests to prepare their devices too
        • You’re ready with a basic live-stream set up to go! And best of all, this would have likely costed you nothing to set up.

        Additional Equipment for a More Elaborate Live-stream Set Up

        These additional equipment are for those looking to provide a live-stream that’s of higher quality to guests that are watching. Do note that the items on this list is entirely optional, and the above basic set-up list also works.

        • An external microphone

          Your phone has an internal microphone, but it is prone to picking up the surrounding noises at the event. This Rode VideoMic Me is small and nifty, and its flexible mount is optimal for live-streaming.
        • A digital camera or DSLR (with HDMI output)

          Save your phone for your Insta stories, and opt for a DSLR instead. This way you can also keep the recorded footage in high quality, for you and your partner’s viewing in the future.
        • A tripod with a smartphone mount

          A phone mount may be too short in height if there is no place appropriate to place the camera. A tripod such as the Manfrotto Element MIII mobile carbon tripod is lightweight yet sturdy. It also reaches up to 160cm from the ground so that your audience can get a better view of the ceremony.
        • Mobile hotspot connection

          Mobile hotspot connection such as the Yogofi by TravelWifi has been very handy for live-streaming set up that are outside of wifi zones. You need an internet connection first and foremost for a live session, so make sure to check with the venue about their internet connection.

        You might want to consider hiring a professional team to help live-stream your wedding for you on your special day. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to be fumbling around and facing technical difficulties before walking down the aisle to get married to your forever partner.

        If you cannot find what you’re looking for from our list of live-streaming packages, feel free to connect with us and let us know your wedding plans and date if you’d like professionals to live-stream your wedding for your guests to tune in and witness your virtual wedding.

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