Wedding operations & package information – an update amidst the coronavirus pandemic

        Must observe social distancing ok?!

        Planning a wedding is tricky business in itself, let alone during the current situation. Especially for some couples who have to be apart due to travel bans in various countries. I can’t imagine the immense amount of stress and anxiety for couples with weddings scheduled to be held later this year!

        Wedding and event vendors like myself have been affected, no doubt. Many freelancers in the creative industry have also had jobs cancelled, and will have to survive the next few months with reduced earnings. 

        No one knows how the situation will pan out in coming months. With such a dark cloud of uncertainty looming all over us, we’ve decided not to add to that. I always believe that vendors should be offering clients help and support, to alleviate the situation, instead of being another cause of worry.

        Hence, we’ve decided on the following:

        For couples that have already signed packages with us

        Treehouse Weddings (both photo & video) will accept postponements at no additional charge, to available dates till end 2021.

        However, do take note of dates to avoid: 

        10 Oct 2022, 24 Oct 2020

        12 Dec 2020, 19 Dec 2020, 24 Dec 2020

        01 Jan 2021, 10 Jan 2021 

        and similar date patterns or “auspicious dates” in 2021

        Solemnisation Package prices to be reduced

        For couples looking to do a small solemnisation ceremony, we have decided to reduce our package prices. Photography + Videography for 4 hours will be at $1800 instead (reduced from our usual package price of $2800)

        To make most use of the 4 hours, I would recommend heading out to an alternative location for a small outdoor shoot (45mins – 1 hour) since you’ve gotten all dolled up! Of course, we’ll need to be mindful to keep gatherings to a maximum of 10 pax during the ceremony.

        I hope these measures and price amendments offer a peace of mind to affected couples. I urge fellow vendors to also offer fair and helpful cancellation/postponement terms and policies.

        Singapore has reported its third coronavirus death today, and our total infections have gone over 800 cases. My parents are in their 60s, and I can’t help but get really afraid, especially folks who are taking the situation lightly.

        Stay safe and vigilant, not only for your loved ones, but also the people around you. We look forward to amazing weddings, whether big or small. As long as it’s filled with laughter and celebration, we’ll be there!

        Sending love, Jach.

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        Jach Chua
        March 29, 2020